”Sengoku maid cafe& bar Mononopu ” opens in Osaka.

Most popular and famous maid cafe in Akihabara will open in Osaka firstly,  for 10th anniversary.

Parutenonpuro, (Address: Isuzu building 5th floor  4-6-2 Sotokanda Chiyoda-ku Tokyo  CEO: Ryuya Tatsuya) runs Food and beverage management will open “Sengoku maid cafe & bar Mononopu NAMBA”.


About Osaka shop

Shop name: Sengoku maid cafe & bar Mononopu NAMBA

Address: KIK building 2nd floor 4-8-17 Nihonbashi Naniwa-ku Osaka-shi Osaka


In Akihabara fragment shop runs only one concept, not only Japanese but also  many foreign tourists came to the shop twenty thousand guests a year.  From now on, foreign tourists currently  12 million or more visiting in Osaka-shi a year, expects hold the world expo  is in demand for inbound more,  decided to plan of opening a shop in  one of sightseeing  area, Nihonbashi, where “sub-culture” gets together, thinking more good activation.

New concept which is fusion of”Moe(萌え)-culture” and Sengoku period, will provide many person in Osaka.


About Mononopu

In the Sengoku period.  Phantom military commander who is manipulate in shadow, enrich Nobunaga Oda,

Hideyoshi Toyotomi, Ieyasu Tokunaga…

It name is “Nopunaga moda” (萌田のぷ長) .

The samurai in Japan, went to the “Mononopu castle”, gave the princess for hostage.

The princess was armed from Nopunaga’s demand, entertain for the samurai visiting castle.

Today, treat for Samurai, maid is running the shop.



About Parutenonpuro

Address: Isuzu building 5th floor  4-6-2 Sotokanda Chiyoda-ku Tokyo    101-0021

CEO: Ryuya Tatsuya

Establishment: March 2009

Capital stock: 3 million yen




Business: Food and beverage management