Five surprising activities that people enjoy by themselves alone

Asoview Research of Asoview Inc. has announced activities that are surprisingly enjoyed by solo participants

Nowadays, more and more people participate in some activities that are usually enjoyed with friends or family. For example, there are “solo-BBQ,” “solo-karaoke,” and “solo-travel.” Such activities are called “solo-activity.” Among more than 400 activities that are registered in asoview!, Asoview Research has selected five surprising activities that are enjoyed by solo participants. 

 [Five surprising activities enjoyed by solo participants]


 1. Cosplay photoshoot (51% solo participants)

・Photographer will take pictures of you in costumes such as oiran (Japanese courtesan), mermaid, and samurai.

・This activity is popular among people who want to look differently than usual but are little shy to do it with friends.






[Feedback from a participant] *From reviews on asoview!

I went to Okinawa alone for the first time. I love kimono made with Ryukyu Bingata (Okinawan traditional dyed cloth), and it was my dream to wear it. It was fun to choose the kimono as they had so many varieties of colors and designs. With a speedy hair makeup, I was in Okinawan kimono in no time. There were many additional items such as hats, sanshin (Okinawan musical instrument), fans, and stuffed Okinawan lions. Using these items during the shooting, the finished photos looked so Okinawa.

Cosplay experience:

2. Waterfall training (33% solo participants)

・This activity is becoming popular among people who want to escape from a busy life or to digital detox.

・Not only for digital detox, but it also allows you to refresh physically and emotionally by hit by waterfall in the nature.





[Feedback from a participant] *From reviews on asoview!

I participated in this activity last year too. At the waterfall I went this time, water was softer than Yuhi no Taki and Musashi Mitake, but the amount of water was huge, so I felt it strong and I could refresh well.

Waterfall training:

3. Surfing for beginners (32% solo participants)

・In this activity, you can learn surfing from an instructor.

・It is popular among people who want to be a better surfer without letting their friends or partners know.






[Feedback from a participant] *From reviews on asoview!

It was my first time, but before we went into the water, the instructor gave us a lecture about how to use a surfboard, so I had nothing to worry about. The instructor was paying attention to each participant, so I mastered the basic surfing. Every staff was friendly and kind. I enjoyed this experience so much. I would definitely participate again. Thank you!

Surfing for beginners:


4. Survival game (30% solo participants)

・Experience battle with airguns in buildings or mountains.

・To play a survival game, there have to be multiple people, but there are events called Regular Meeting held by survival game planners. You can rent equipment, so you can participate alone without bringing anything.





[Feedback from a participant] *From reviews on asoview!

I’m a beginner, so I was worried first, but it was so much fun. You can rent equipment and an instructor will teach you how to shoot and how to play survival game, so everyone can enjoy. The place was like a maze. This activity is great for both men and women.

Survival game:

5. Bungee jumping (22% solo participants)

・Many people want to try bungee jumping at least once in their life. It has become popular among active senior people, and some of them go bungee jumping alone to celebrate their 60th birthday.

・As many people are not sure if they can really jump until the last minute, and they do not want their friends or family to see them being afraid, they go bungee jumping alone.



[Feedback from a participant] *From reviews on asoview!

I went to bungee jumping for my 65th birthday. It was scarier than I thought when I stood at the edge, but I think I jumped well after all. It was the scariest experience of my life, but at the same time, it was the most memorable moment.

Bungee jumping:


Other feedbacks from solo participants

・Recently, I go out by myself most of the time. I go on a drive with my husband, but I participate in activities alone or with friends.

・My friends and I have different hobbies, so it is easier to try different activities by myself. Sometimes I invite colleagues, but I prefer going out alone after all. (20s / Female)

・I like being alone. I go out with friends or go on a date sometimes, but I don’t really like being surrounded by people. If I’m all by myself, I don’t need to pay attention to others.

・Some activities would be fun with friends, but if I’m alone, I can do whatever I want and it’s easier to try many different things. (30s / Female)

・It’s not easy to match what to do, time, and place with friends. But I don’t want to waste my day offs, so I’d rather go out by myself. (20s / Female)


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