Seasonal matcha cream bun now available in a cream bun shop kin•iro

Available from April 17 in Kyoto Isetan and from April 19 in Sanjo main store

Kaneichi Shouten Co., Inc. (Kyoto) has launched a new seasonal cream bun, kyo•maccha (Kyoto’s matcha), at their cream bun store, kin•iro. The new cream bun’s cream is made of matcha from Minami Yamashiro-mura, Kyoto.

kyo•maccha is now available at both stores in Kyoto Isetan and Sanjo main store.


○About cream bun shop – kin•iro
kin•iro is a cream bun shop that was opened by Kaneichi Shouten Co., Inc., a company that specializes in honey, on April 28, 2018. They have two kinds of cream buns, kin•iro (gold) and kuro•iro (black). More than 15% of cream is made of honey, and they use milk produced by a farm in Kyoto, Hiraya Milk, and edible gold leaf made by Horikin. Their cream buns are the best for walk-and-eat and for gifts.


○About Miyami Yamashiro-mura

The only village in Kyoto, Minami Yamashiro-mura has a population of 2,779 (as of June 30, 2018). And the village is rich in nature: surrounded by mountains and with the Kizu River in the middle. It is also known for tea plantations that locate in steep mountains as the temperature and soil are suitable for cultivating tea. There, they make high-quality tea with rich flavor that is unique to this area. Its quality is recognized at national tea competitions, and the place is widely known as the main production place of Uji tea.

<About the product>

kyo•maccha  250JPY (excl. tax) – Limited time only

Match cream made of matcha from Minami Yamashiro-mura and Hungarian acacia honey is filled in soft and fluffy bun. The top of the bun is coated with matcha chocolate. Enjoy tender green cream bun with fresh and bittersweet matcha flavor.

<About the company>

Kaneichi Shouten Co., Inc.

Capital: 10 million JPY





Established in 1930. Its business is to develop and produce products with honey, directly purchased from beekeepers from inside and outside Japan. They operate their own retail stores miel mie (honey store) and kin•iro (cream bun store). In addition, they sell honey products at wholesale to supermarkets and department stores. They started importing mead (honey wine) ten years ago, ahead of other companies, and the number of their import source countries and kinds are still the highest in Japan.

<About stores>

Cream bun store kin•iro – Sanjo store

Address: 21 Nakano-cho, Tomino-koji Nishi-iru, Sanjo-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8083
TEL: 075-221-7739

Cream bun store kin•iro Kyoto Isetan

Address: B1F JR Kyoto Isetan, 901 Higashi Shio koji-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8555
TEL: 0757086660