Take-no and Ohagi, a store specializing in ohagi (rice cakes) that draws huge lines, makes its first appearance in the Kansai region. A beautiful and gorgeous one-day collaboration event will be held in Kyoto in spring with popular vase artists from around Japan.
Staff from the Setagaya main store will be in the store on the day of the event to demonstrate and sell their products! Limited collaboration set also available! Held on Tuesday, March 21 (national holiday) from 12:00 p.m.
Miyako Toriko Co.
March 16, 2023 2:28 pm
A collaboration event will be held between “Take-no-to-ohagi” (Sanpin Co., Ltd.: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, CEO Hiroki Ogawa), a store specializing in o-hagi (rice cakes), which is inevitably sold out every day, and “nokaze” (Miyakotrico Co., Ltd.: Okazaki, Kyoto, a gallery of carefully selected vessels from makers all over Japan). (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Takuya Fujii, President) will hold a one-day collaboration event titled “Special Exhibition of Utsuwa and Ohagi” on March 21 (Tuesday, national holiday), the first day of spring in Kyoto.
On the day of the event, Hiroki Ogawa, the owner, and the staff of the main store will demonstrate and sell their products at the store on that day. Seven kinds of seasonal o-hagi (rice balls) will be available for sale in a limited edition of 100 sets, including attractive vessels by a popular ceramic artist and o-hagi that are only available on the day of the event and are inspired by Kyoto in spring.