Now, Japan is during the height of spring! Kyoto Kimono Rental Yumeyakata has started “spring campaign 2019”. The shop displays kimonos with colors of spring!

The shop offers various promotions, such as free charge of early morning and return next day.

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Kyoto Kimono Rental Yumeyakata has started “spring campaign 2019”. The campaign offers a chance to enjoy kimono during cherry blossom viewing, spring vacation, and Golden Week (early-May holiday season in Japan) at reasonable prices. Promotional rate for kimono rental is 2,800 Japanese yen! (Normal price: 3,500 Japanese yen) [Duration: Until May 31, 2019]

The best season starts in Kyoto before long. In spring, every place in Kyoto is colored by cherry blossoms. Why don’t you wear a kimono in the cherry blossom season, which has attracted people’s mind from ancient times? Now Kimono Rental Yumeyakata offers the spring campaign, so that plenty of valuable plans are available. Kimono perfectly fits Kyoto colored by cherry blossom!

・Valuable spring campaign of Yumeyakata:

Their campaign price and special offers allows you to enjoy kimono during the peak season of spring vacation. You can choose your favorite from wide selection of colors and patterns. Furthermore, there is a tourist information center in the shop; they introduce tourist spots which match kimono. Let’s enjoy Kyoto at reasonable price! Wearing kimono gives you special memories during spring vacation and Golden Week!

Introduction of spring campaign offered by Yumeyakata (The below is a small part.)

・Discount of kimono rental: Kimono rental plan for one person is 2,800 Japanese yen (Normal price: 3,500 Japanese yen) / for a couple of a man and a woman is 5,500 Japanese yen. (Normal price: 6,500 Japanese yen)
・You can rent a kimono from 9 am with making a reservation in advance, and also make a reservation on the day. Until May 10, 2019, early morning charge is free between nine and ten (for customers made a reservation in advance)!
・If you come to the shop after 14:00, fee of return next day in shop became free. (Return next day by delivery costs 500 yen. With this special offer, you can fully enjoy a day of Kyoto without worrying about return time.
・A plan of going for a stroll with hakama style, including hair set and a hair accessory rental, is available for 5,500 Japanese yen. This valuable plan consists of popular hakama style, hair set like “Here Comes Miss Modern” (a Japanese comic series for girls), and a ribbon hair accessory.

Hakama style with hair set like “Here Comes Miss Modern” and a ribbon rental costs 5,500 Japanese yen; the style is reminiscent of a girl student in Meiji era. How about trying the popular style with this chance? If you dress in the costume, you can stroll around Kyoto with feeling history of civilization and enlightenment. The shop recommends a combination with boots, which are easy to walk in! (You can rent or buy boots in the shop.)

Other than the above, many campaigns are available, so that you can rent kimono at reasonable price! Reservation and inquiry are welcome.

[Kimono Rental Yumeyakata Gojo Shop]
For reservation and inquiry, please contact 075-354-8515.
Location: 3 minutes walk from Gojo station of Karasuma Line (subway)
The shop is on the main street, and has easy access to Kiyomizu Temple, Fushimi, and Arashiyama; it is convenient for sightseeing.