FAST JAPAN Inc (head office: Shibuya, Tokyo; representative director: Yuki Katano; hereafter the Company), running tabiko, a chat-based concierge app for tourists to Japan, has started advanced registration for the concierge program.

Through tabiko, the Company aims to establish the largest concierge platform in the world by offering everyone chance to be a concierge without hesitation as easy as people become hosts of Airbnb or drivers of Uber.

■About tabiko

tabiko ( is the chat-based concierge app for foreign tourists to Japan. The concierge uses chat for responding to every question or request about travel in Japan. The service covers from planning a travel plan to making various reservations.
Since the service was launched in February 2017, it has been extending the share mainly by word of mouth, and has got 130,000 and more members of tourists to Japan so far. tabiko has got 3,000 and more reviews both in APP store and Google Play Store; the average app rating of 4.9 has been recorded. At this point, the app covers two languages (English and Chinese), and it can be downloaded via App store or Google Play store in each country.
Besides, users can easily reward concierges for their consultation via Star Rewards, which is a tip charging system in the app. Because of introducing the tip charging system, the Company has established a unique profit model in online travel services.

■Summary of the concierge program

In May 2019, the Company will start a program, which allows those who want to provide travel information and hospitality around the world to join tabiko as a “concierge partner”. Users of tabiko strongly expect unique experiences during a travel and relationship with a concierge. Why not share your nice travel information with foreign guests together with the Company? Your knowledge and hospitality are required.
What is more, a concierge partner can earn money depends on Star Rewards or the like, which was reward given by guests. tabiko aims to establish the largest concierge platform in the world by providing chance to be a concierge without hesitation as easy as people become hosts of Airbnb or drivers of Uber.

The advanced registration for the concierge program can be made from the below links.
English page:
Japanese page:
Chinese page:

Notes: The Company asks for your understanding that you need to pass some screenings to be a concierge partner for maintaining the reliable concierge service. Besides, the users of tabiko are guests from foreign countries, so that a concierge is required to use English or Chinese.

■ A message from founders of tabiko

Photo left: Yuki Katano, the representative director; photo right: Krishna Prahasith, the chief technology officer

Since its service was launched, tabiko has supported many tourists with concierges full of hospitality. From the process, we felt it from our hearts. That is, “Everyone has hospitality, and the styles of hospitality are never the same. Hospitality is always unique.” Through the program, we expect to meet many concierge partners full of hospitality, and would like to help tourists to make their own travel stories together with the concierges.
Besides, tabiko currently targets the inbound tourism market in Japan, however, we have been aimed for overseas expansion since its foundation. We are also waiting contacts from highly-motivated job applicants who aim for the first place in the global market together with us, investors, and business operators.

Corporate name: FAST JAPAN Inc
Date established: November 2015
Representative: Representative director Yuki Katano
Location: 3-11-3-403, Sendagaya, Shibuyaku, Tokyo, Japan
Business content: Operation of tabiko, an travel concierge app