JP Mobile is No.1 in “Popularity”, “Connection”, and “User Satisfaction” – Chosen by foreign residents

JP Mobile Co., Ltd. (Kyoto, CEO: Kenji Sawada) has been chosen as No.1 SIM card service in popularity, connection, and user satisfaction chosen by foreign residents in the survey conducted by Japan Marketing Research Organization in March 2019

JP Mobile has offered internet service for long-term oversea visitors such as students and interns to start their life in Japan conveniently. They started JP SMART SIM service in October 2017. And as they have gained customers through word of mouth and introduction from friends, the number of users has reached 20,000 on April 1, 2019.


JP SMART SIM is a data SIM card that anyone can buy without limitation of contract period. JP SMART DATA package, which you can use both data communication and IP phone, is the most popular package. The service is available in English, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Japanese.

<Characteristics of JP SMART DATA>

1. Pay at convenience stores
Credit card or bank account is not necessary.

2. Only passport or Residence Card is required for ID
Easy for anyone to register only with passport or Residence Card.

3. No binding contract
Short-term visitors can register as there is no binding on the period of contract.


*For details, please check the website.


■About JP Mobile Co., Ltd.

CEO/Director: Kenji Sawada
Capital/Capital Reserve: 110,254,500 JPY / 100,254,500 JPY
Address: 7F Tensho-Office Akasaka, 14-11 2-chome, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Business: Operating MVNO service for overseas visitors

  • Sold 200,000 data SIM card for overseas visitors (2017)
  • Started JP Smart SIM service, SIM card with a phone number for long-term overseas visitors, in October 2017
  • Renting Wi-Fi to 5,500 accommodation providers (April 2019)

JP Mobile:
Wi-Fi for accommodation providers:

– Contact info regarding to the survey
JP Mobile Co., Ltd.

■About the survey

Survey by: Japan Marketing Research Organization (JMRO)
Survey overview: Survey on impression on brands (March 2019)

■Selecting condition on targeted companies

Condition: Top 8 selling companies that operate SIM related services amongst “Services Incidental to Telecommunications”

*SIM related services were impartially selected by JMRO
*Collected data and information owned by JMRO and partner companies

■Respondent conditions

Occupation: doctor, health care provider, registered dietitian, beauty business, civil engineering and construction, others, telecommunications, construction, manufacturing, electricity/gas/water industry, transportation, distribution/wholesale/retail (excl. computer related industry), financial industry (bank or securities)/insurance, real estate/rental and leasing business, accommodation services/eating and drinking services, life style related services/entertainment, education, medical/welfare,  publishing and printing industry, media/advertisement,   market research or survey services, trade, school/education, researcher (private/public), housewife, part-timer, unemployed, others
Family structure: living alone, family of 2, family of 3, family of 4, family of 5 or more
Yearly income: ~3 million JPY, 3 million~4 million JPY, 4 million~5 million JPY, 5 million~6 million JPY, 6 million~7 million JPY, 7 million~8 million JPY, 8 million JPY~
Working experience: ~5 years, 5~10 years, 10~15 years, 15~20 years, 20~25 years, 25 years~
Education:  middle school, high school, university/college, grad school
Rent: self-owned, ~100,000 JPY  100,000~200,000 JPY, 200,000~300,000 JPY, 300,000~400,000 JPY, 400,000~500,000 JPY, 500,000~600,000 JPY, 600,000 JPY~
Note: number of samples = 200

■Japan Marketing Research Organization

Address: 28F A Building, Shinagawa Intercity, 2-15-1 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Business: Marketing research operation
Tel: 03-6717-2895