Experience “local culture”of Sendai casually through activities and workshops. This article introduces the new experience programs whose reception start in February or March in 2019!

Tourist information for foreign visitors to Japan, called “SENDAI Tourist Information Desk”

This article was provided by Machikurusendai, a general incorporated association

SENDAI Tourist Information Desk (i-SENDAI) offers activities only available in Sendai, such as, local sake (Japanese rice wine) tasting tour, decorative wagashi (Japanese confectionery) making workshop, and learning tour for earthquake and reconstruction, to inbound tourists and also Japanese people. Through the activities, participants can feel charm of Sendai area by using their five senses. i-SENDAI provides information via SNS and offers a walking tour on a shopping street, other than multi-language tourist information of Sendai, Miyagi, and Tohoku area.

■ Many experiential sightseeing programs particular to Sendai are available

The number of experiential sightseeing programs offered by i-SENDAI is 10 and more in all. They provide unique activities in collaboration with local shops and institutions as follows. “Sendai finger-food tour” is easy to join, and through “sake tasting experience” you can enjoy the difference among sake at a liquor shop. “Visit tour to the earthquake-hit area” allows you to learn the damage situation by Great East Japan earthquake and restoration progress. “Wa-cocktail making course” teaches you how to make cocktails with sake or shochu (distilled spirit) made in Miyagi prefecture. And “SENDAI Cooking Meetup” offers you a chance to cook Japanese homemade meals with local foods together with other participants.

■ The new experience programs whose reception starts in February or March in 2019

・Finger-food tour in Sendai

・Wa-cocktail making course at SIGNATURE D

・Excursion tour to Kokucho beer, a microbrewery in Sendai

i-SENDAI will attract more foreign tourists by improving their degree of satisfaction through providing information only in Sendai and introducing charm of the area, which need to know knowledge and careful attention.


Basic information of i-SENDAI

Name: SENDAI Tourist Information Desk
Location: 3-2-17, Fujisaki main bldg 1F (entrance is on the Aoba street), Ichibancho, Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi, 980-8652, JAPAN
Phone number: 080-2815-8321
Date of establishment: 10-Dec-2017
Number of staff: One person is on duty during opening hours (Available language: Japanese, English, Chinese, etc.)
Opening hours: 10:00 –19:30 (Notes: Business day follows Fujisaki.)
Service provider: Machikurusendai, a general incorporated association
URL: http://i-sendai.jp

Available services

  • Sightseeing guide by a staff speaking English (one person is on duty during opening hours)
  • Various brochures for tourist information in Sendai city or other prefectures in Tohoku area and also that of major tourist sites
  • Tablets for searching tourist information
  • Free Wi-Fi service, called Sendai Free Wi-Fi
  • Tax-free counter undertaking the whole procedure for tax exemption
  • Reception for guide tours
  • Carrying out various culture leaning events
  • Seminar of hosting foreign people for business operators

Type Product service
Business category Travel and sightseeing
Location information Sendai city in Miyagi prefecture (local government)
Keywords Foreigners English Travel Sightseeing Inbound Experience
Related URL https://www.i-sendai.jp/

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