It’s not even been discovered by locals in Kyoto!  “Back Alley Walking Tour” around Gojo retro area in Kimono is so popular that now it’s available throughout the year!

It’s not even been discovered by locals in Kyoto!  “Back Alley Walking Tour” around Gojo retro area in Kimono is so popular that now it’s available throughout the year!

It’s a perfect walking tour to explore Gojo retro area endorsed by a Kyoto Kimono Rental Yume-Yakata staff, who is certified in Kyoto knowledge assessment level 1!

Thanks to the overwhelming responses, the “Gojo Back Alley Walking Tour” presented by Kyoto Kimono Rental Yume-Yakata for a limited time only in 2018 is now offered throughout the year.【Scheduled to begin in February 2019】  This Walking Tour lets you explore the former floral area while dressing up in Kimono, where even local residents haven’t discovered its charm.


The Walking Tour will take you to the south of Gojo Takase River, which is the area known for housing Toru Minamoto’s home, the model of The Tale of Genji. A red-light district called Shichijo-Shinchi was located there since late in Edo period.  Magnificent townhouses with Karahafu (embellishments like roofs), remnants of the time, which were build between Meiji to early Showa era still remain today.  These valuable architecture are currently in an extremely precarious position due to the redevelopment project, whereas remodeled townhouses are now open as retro cafes and shops, adding new charms to the area.



Originally offered as limited time only from Oct. ~ Dec. 2018, ”Gojo Back Alley Walking Tour” attracted people from 13 oversea countries, including USA, Sweden, France, Australia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Burma, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Philippine, Vietnam.

It’s the most suitable route for those who wish to learn and unveil Kyoto’s secret charms, rather than to visit typical tourists’ attractions like Kiyomizu-Dera Temple or Kinkaku-Ji Temple, and we are pleased to receive so many positive reviews.  So here we are, we decided to offer the pre-book plan throughout the year from Feb. 2019 to accommodate everyone’s travel schedule.

Testimonial from our past participants

  • “So happy to be able to check out the places we wouldn’t have gone on our own!”(Sweden)
  • “Such a precious experience to walk in Kimono!”(France)
  • “Although the famous landmarks such as Kiyomizu-dera Temple and Fushimi Inari Shrine were amazing, I’m very very satisfied with the walking tour as I wanted to have “deep Kyoto” experience ♥”(Korea)


Gojo Back Alley Walking Tour




We are currently teamed up with five cafes and shops where you can bring Gojo Back Alley Waking Tour special map to receive exclusive offers.  Stretch your legs and take a relaxing break to pamper yourself at one of these cafes after walk.



While Gojo retro area is located at the heart of Kyoto, it’s also a hidden gem that offers abundant charms that even Kyoto locals have yet to uncover.  Please try out our “Kyoto excursions” produced by Kyoto Kimono Rental shop to submerge yourself in authentic Kyoto culture.



Tour Overview

■Fee (plus tax) ※Kimono rental fee is not included

  • With Kimono rental at Yume-Yakata:2 participants 3,000円/person・From 3 participants and up 2,500 yen/person
  • Walking Tour only:2 participants 3,500 yen/person・From 3 participants and up 3,000yen/person

■Tour time|Approximately 2 hours
■Departure time|2:30 pm(Meet us in front of the information on the ground level of Yume- Yakata branch 5 min prior to the departure)
■Highlight of the walking tour

  1. 【Look】We’ll show you power spots for ladies as well as cultural/historical places including the former corporate building of Nintendo
  2. 【Snap】We’ll introduce you the photo shoot spots great for SNS recommended by our professional cameraman
  3. 【Eat】Great to enjoy after the walk too!  Special offer from our affiliated Café/Beer lab shop



Rental Kimono Yume-Yakata Gojo Branch

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3 min walk from “Gojo Station” on Karasuma Subway Line
Situated on the main street, the store is conveniently located to access Kiyomizu-dera Tempule, Fushimi, and Arashiyama etc.