A platform sharing travel information for visitors to Japan, tsunagu Japan, starts to distribute contents to handy in cooperation with the service.

handy is a smartphone installed in a guest room for its guests; the guests can use handy free of charge. From this, in about 240,000 guest rooms in Japan, tourist information for visitors to Japan is available.

D2C X Inc.

D2C X Inc. (head office: Chuoku, Tokyo; representative director: Ryo Hagiwara, hereafter D2C X) cooperates with hi Japan Co., Ltd. (head office: Minatoku, Tokyo, representative director: Peter Lee, hereafter hi Japan), and provides tourist information contents in tsunagu Japan (a multi-lingual platform sharing travel information for visitors to Japan run by D2C X) for handy (a smartphone installed in a guestroom, which is available for its guests, run by hi Japan). As a media, tsunagu Japan allows visitors to Japan to search travel information of Japan by providing high-quality original articles via its web site and SNS. The service supports multiple languages, such as, English, Chinese, and Thai language. tsunagu Japan starts providing its contents for handy, which is a smartphone of a complimentary amenity used by guests during a hotel stay. Through handy, the quests can make domestic or international calls and use data communication via internet without charge and limits. In addition, handy shows them tourist information and restaurant guide around the hotel in multiple languages. About 1,700 hotels or about 240,000 guest rooms in Japan (As of the end of December 2018) have already decided to adopt handy. In particular, about 60 % or more hotels in Tokyo have adopted it. handy is spreading mainly among foreign tourists to Japan as a service enriches a travel more.

tsunagu Japan will improve convenience of those who using handy and promote the use of the both services by providing information for foreign guests using handy. The content provided for handy was edited based on foreign people’s perspective brought by their native staff familiar with culture of each country, and includes information of recommended restaurants, souvenirs, and sightseeing courses in Japan.

From now on, D2C X will continue to make an effort to provide good quality tourist information of Japan for visitors to Japan via tsunagu Japan.

■About tsunagu Japan

tsunagu Japan is a platform providing travel information of Japan in multiple languages for visitors to Japan. It has 1.5 million and more UU (unique user) or 4 million and more PV (page view) per month, and four languages (English, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese
, and Thai language) are supported. Because no Japanese version is distributed, only foreign people interested in visiting Japan access it. In particular, it has overwhelming name value and a strong influence in areas using traditional Chinese, so that  the area occupies 50 % of the whole access.

■About handy

Handy is a new communication expanding various services, which connect the hotel and its guests, via a charge free smartphone installed in a guest room. Via handy, the guests can make domestic and international calls and use internet without charge and limits during the stay.
Available languages: 15 languages including Japanese, Chinese, English, etc.

[Corporate profile]
■ hi Japan Co., Ltd.
Location: Hokushin bldg. 6F, 3-2-1, Nishiazabu, Minatoku, Tokyo, Japan
The representative: Peter Lee
Business content: Telecommunications business and telecommunication service,
information processing service and information service, and leases of movable properties including business-use mobile device

■ D2C X Inc. (X is pronounced as cross.)
The representative: Ryo Hagiwara
Location of head office: NomurafudosanGinza bldg, 6-18-2, Ginza, Chuoku, Tokyo, Japan
Location of office: Nagatachosannomori bldg. 4F, 2-10-1, Nagatacho, Chiyodaku, Tokyo, Japan
Business content: Operation of an overseas platform on the internet, consultation in overseas marketing, and overseas promotion service
URL: https://www.d2cx.co.jp

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