Tour with a flight attendant – Franck Inc. has started a new private guide service for overseas tourists

Opening promotion starts from April 1

Franck Inc. (Osaka, CEO: Taiga Hayami) has started a private guide service with an active flight attendant for overseas tourists. From April 1, they have starts accepting reservations on their website, Ultimate Japanese Guide.



About the Service

Ultimate Japanese Guide is a private guide service for overseas tourists. They have selected foreign airlines’ active flight attendants with top-class language ability and hospitality. To meet the needs of overseas visitors, their service includes guide interpreting at events or exhibitions and making an appointment for interviews or getting permission for photo shoots.

How It Started

The number of overseas visitors continues to increase. In 2018, it reached more than 30 million, and it is expected that the inbound tourism market will expand even more in 2019. And nowadays, the needs of tourists have become more diverse as tourists are more willing to pay for experiences rather than spending money on shopping.

As the Guide Interpreter Law was revised in January 2018, operating profitable guide service in foreign languages does not require the national certification anymore. And more and more private companies allow their employees to have side jobs. Now people have a better opportunity to utilize their skills.

Franck Inc. has expanded the service through experimental tours with more than 500 active flight attendants with top-class language skill, hospitality, and flexibility to any kind of situation since February 2018. As they received good reviews from both tourists and guides, they decided to officially start the service.

The company will operate the service nationwide to improve travel experience of overseas tourists, to support flight attendants to have a side job, and to promote women’s participation in business.

How to Book

First, send a request through the website with information of when and where you would like to visit. Staff will ask you more about your preference and requests to plan the best tour for you. And a guide will receive the request and if she is available, a reservation is complete.


■A private tour by an active flight attendant

・An active flight attendant with top-class language skill, great understanding of different cultures, and hospitality, will guide you. They are ready to provide a high-quality private tour that meets the need of tourists, and they can even handle a last-minute change of plans.

・Every tour plan is originally made based on your requests. From local sightseeing spots to luxury restaurants, a flight attendant will handle a wide variety of requests you have.

■From sightseeing guide service to interpreting at business meetings

・For private tours, they will plan a tour that fits your requests: not only booking tickets and restaurants, they can also take you to shopping and photogenic place. And depending on the weather or situation, a guide will flexibly change the plan even on the tour day.

・They are perfect for business settings such as arranging interviews, getting photoshoot permission, making appointments, and interpreting at events, exhibitions, and meetings. As flight attendants have treated VIP customers, their service is useful for business with important clients or customers from overseas.

Supporting flight attendants and people with multi-lingual skills

・The company is supporting people with high language abilities and hospitality such as flight attendants to find a new working style.

・Through the service, they promote what Japan has to offer to overseas tourists, contribute to local economy, and create working environment where people can utilize their strengths and skills.


<Opening Promotion>

They currently have an opening promotion for overseas tourists to experience their private tour. It is limited to tours in Tokyo and it will end on May 31, 2019. Please check the website for details.

*This promotion is only for tourists from overseas countries, but reservation can be done from Japan on behalf.



<About Franck Inc.>

Address: 2-10-190603 Fukushima, Fukushima-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 553-0003

Establishment: October 2014

CEO: Taiga Hayami

Business: Operating private tour service for overseas tourists



About Ultimate Japanese Guide

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